Ju-Jitsu For All

Ju-Jitsu, also known as Ju Jutsu, and Jiu-Jitsu (The Gentle Art), is an ancient martial art used by the Samurai warriors of war-torn Japan. The art itself consists of punches, kicks, throws, ground-grappling, and weapons. Jujitsu techniques rely heavily on leverage, so you don't have to be extremely strong to train.

Ju-Jitsu For Beginners

So you're interested in Ju-Jitsu then? I'm Not Surprised! It's one of the most interesting and diverse martial art styles around.  Unlike other styles such as Karate or Judo, you're not restricted to learning just how to punch and kick or throw. Ju-Jitsu involves all kinds of techniques from punching, kicking, joint locks, and ground-work.


Many people choose to learn a martial art for self-defence purposes

What About Karate, Isn't That Any Good For Self-Defence?

The same can be said about just about every other martial art. What you should always look for in any art is what they teach.  Take Karate for example, a strong striking art. So... what happens if your attacker grabs you and you both fall down? Well now you've got no power in your punches or kicks since you're on the ground.

However, with Ju-Jitsu or even Judo, you'll have some basic ground-fighting experience, and know how to take advantage of even this bad position, bearing in mind however that your attacker doesn't have 10 of his/her friends standing round to give you a kicking of a lifetime.

Ju-Jitsu For Fitness, Self-Confidence or Fun.

Some martial art styles may improve your fitness in certain areas, follow the links to read more about how Ju-Jitsu will improve your entire fitness and also how fit you should be to start training.

Self-Confidence is probably one area that most people don't automatically think will improve due to training in the martial arts. However, even after just a month of training, most people will suddenly realise that their self-confidence has improved dramatically. This is what makes martial arts ideal for youngsters!

Unlike going to the gym and trying to kill yourself on a bike with no wheels, training in Ju-Jitsu will get you fit and build muscles (some of which you never realised you had)! whilst actually having fun doing it, and meeting some great new friends.  Most clubs are small communities of people, all there to have a good time and to learn many skills, getting fit is simply a by-product.